Pioneer 620 Chainsaw

This Page is where I for me to post up random projects I've taken on - such as the Pioneer 620 petrol chainsaw pictured above, which I bought on ebay when slightly intoxicated. At the time I thought it wouls make a great prop for a halloween costume (it really does look the part for a psycho's chainsaw), but it is bloody heavy, and the idea of me wandering around town leathered and wielding a chainsaw was not good.

It doesn't start or run, unless you spray easy start into the carb, in which case it runs perfectly - it has good (more like bloody excellent) compression, and turns freely, so I'm guessing it's either a blocked fuel line/filter or a goosed carburettor - I'mhoping it's the former, as that will be an easy fix.

I plan to clean it up, get it running and repaint it - no idea what I'll use it for (I live in a 2up, 2 Down terrace with a concrete back yard, hence the photo of it sat on my coffe table!), but I do like fixing things. Trawling the web turns up the following information on it (courtesy of