Grant's 1986 Porsche 944

This page is dedicated to my current daily driver, a 1986 Porsche 944 Lux - my second 944, and in much better condition than my first one! It's got a half leather interior, the leather parts of which have worn pretty well (could be vinyl though), but the cloth is looking decidedly threadbare on the front seats!

It's done really good service in the couple of years I've had it, been all over the country, and lots of long journeys. Though after 170,000+ miles the driver's seat is pretty worn out. Aside from some new alloy wheels (16" Enkie cross-spokes I bought from a guy on the owner's club) and an ipod head unit it's pretty much as it left the factory. At some point it had a car phone fitted (remains of an aerial bolted to the offside rear wing), but that's long gone!

I'm definitely going to do a Chevy LSx copnversion at some point in the future - it's a cracking drive as is, but a healthy dose of extra power and a V8 soundtrack would make it a truly amazing car. The kit from Renegade Hybrids does require a fair bit of work, but ends up with a really professional looking installation and doesn't upset the balance too much (a shift of the weight bias 1% forwards).

Of Course, with a V8 it would only be sensible to put in an LSD from a 951, and a nice big brake conversion. Not that the current brakes are anything other than brilliant - stand on the anchors at speed and it feels like your fillings are going to be dislodged and bounce off the windscreen!

I'm also after some 17" Porsche Cup 1 alloys (as per my first 944) - nice as the Enkies are, I think that the Cups do suit the 944 best...