Grant's E36 BMW 328i Grant's E36 BMW 328i

This page is dedicated to my 1995 BMW 328i, sold back in 2009, which really was an excellent car. It was a gift from my brother, who had got bored of it and fancied a new car (a pretty regular occurrance for him), which was very gratefully recieved at the time, as I desperately needed a new car and was short of cash! Cheers Ed!

It goes pretty bloody well - 197BHP 2.8 litre straight six pulls like a train, and sounds great when you wind it up, but is virtually silent at cruising speed and round town. Truly a great engine. It's confortable, spacious, and quite capable of wagging it's tail when it's been raining, but it could do with a limited slip diff for any real drifting action.

It was bog standard, apart from a new headunit that can interface to my ipod, and some M3 replica mirrors, which I sold as soon as I found some nice cheap regular mirrors from a scrappy (the photo was taken when it was Ed's car, and front wheels on in the photo above didn't really fit too well, so Ed flogged them, and replaced with standard E36 alloys).

I did often think about adding an LSD, or perhaps a supercharger, or even a Chevy LS1 (so I could rebadge it as a 357 - sad but it would make me chuckle), but I didn't get around to doing anything to it before I sold it due to moving to the Big Smoke for a while.