Grant's ALPINA D3

This page is dedicated the BMW ALPINA D3 I had as a company car in 2008 (I had a good car allowance) to replace my previous company hack, a Skoda Fabia vRS (a brilliant car, great fun, if a bit hard on front tyres). It really was an excellent piece of machinery and I was very sad to see it go, but a new job involving no mileage meant that I couldn't justify keeping it (no longer having the car allowance made it totally out of the question!).
ALPINA Rim - Deep dish! It has a tuned version of the 320d's 4 pot 2 litre diesel, putting out 200PS (about 197 BHP), and it really did shift - particularly on the motorway, as with all diesels it really did have a huge amount of mid-range grunt. I'd love to try the petrol equivalent (the B3) - it must be utterly awesome.

ALPINAa have loads of great touches - I loved the Start Button (I'll be fitting el Minoir with one for mainly that reason), the build number plaque above the rear view mirror (that I forgot to take a picture of!), the seats were incredibly comfortable, the ride was really smooth, but also very communicative, and it just cruised like nothing else I've ever driven!

The only downside was the worry of scuffing the huge 19" rims (check out the dish!), but that didn't really detract from the ownership experience.

Some More Pictures:

Grant's ALPINA D3 Grant's ALPINA D3 Grant's ALPINA D3