El Minoir

Hi, welcome to my webpages. Not a huge amount here, just where I'm putting up information about my interests (which is mainly cars and machinery), and anything else I feel like sticking up for general information.

This is the mk2 version of the website, which will hopefully get updated far more regularly than the mk1 version (which I cobbled together in 2002, and then did very little with for 6 years!)

The various pages are all linked to from the left - this includes my 1989 Austin Mini, known to me as El Minoir (pictured above) which I share with my brother and is currently in several pieces in our My Lockup, the 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am which I owned while I lived in Canada, my 1986 Porsche 944, the BMW 750 iL I bought on a whim for no real reason and some of my previous cars with photo's where I've still got some :-)