Grant's E39 BMW 750i

This page is dedicated to my 1996 BMW 750i, which I bought on a whim from ebay - put in what I thought was a very low bid, thinking it would go for way more, and actually won it for less - to say I was happy would be an understatement! Although it did involve a 5 hour train journey to collect it from the other end of England!

It has a few issues - some as yet untraced electrical gremlins, and needing new rear tyres for the MoT has been the only money I've had to spend on it so far, apart from petrol, which it likes quite a lot of! About 24 mpg on a long run, a lot less round town! Since it doesn't get used much, that's not a big problem.

It came fitted with some clear front indicators, which I've replaced with original ones from a scrappy, and a towbar, which had been really badly installed, so I removed it ASAP - just got to cover up the 16mm holes drilled in the bumper and fill in the holes in the spare tyre well, where the muppet had anchored using a 200mm by 100mm bit of 6mm plate as a spreader!

The wheel arches could do with some cosmetic tidying (as with virtually any 1990's BMW), but other than that it seems in pretty good nick really.

Here's some more pictures: